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The school can be contacted for more specific information on any of the following needs:

1. Busses (30 – 38 seater busses): Mini-busses are unfortunately too small to serve our needs. Seats must often be removed to make room for wheelchairs or to install a hoist to assist with the loading of some disabled learners.

2. Roof:   The school has a flat roof (40 years old) and we experience serious problems with leakages during the rainy season. Damage to property and equipment occurs regularly due to this problem.

3. Extension of high school toilets: The high school toilet facilities are not sufficient to serve our growing needs and must be extended urgently.

4. Data projectors for intermediate phase and high school classes.

5. Palisade fencing around the property.

6. Paint: Both indoor and outdoor paint for general maintenance.

7. Renovation of hydro therapy pool.

8. Floor and wall tiles.

9. Jo-Jo water tanks.

10. Laptops

11. Hostels:  bedding, curtains and television sets.

12. Lockers for learners.

13. Outdoor gym (for disabled athletes, as well as hostel learners).

14. Outdoor benches and tables for playgrounds:  Limited seating is available for learners during break times.

15. Plastic chairs for the hall.

16. Outdoor playground equipment.

17. Non-perishable food products for our needy learners.

Your interest in the school and the learners and your support is highly appreciated!

Needs Analysis
for Learners with Special Educational Needs
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